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HTC Chacha tricks: install apps

The HTC Chacha is not only a facebook cellphone, but also an android phone, so you can download and install apps on your smartphone. There are two ways to install apps to your cellphone, one way is to install apps from android market, another way is to install apps from computer to your HTC Chacha. […]

How to transfer music to HTC Chacha

The HTC Chacha was sold in UK now, if you have this facebook phone, you can download the driver and user manual for your cellphone here. Today I will give a very useful trick about how to transfer music from computer to your HTC Chacha. I am sure you need this help. We can listen […]

HTC Chacha driver and PC Sync download

When you use your HTC Chacha, you will often need to sync outlook contacts and calender with your cellphone. To do this work, you must have the driver and PC Sync installed on your computer. You can find these software in HTC Sync, then it is easy to sync Outlook Express contacts and the bookmarks […]

HTC Chacha tutorial: save battery life

Today I find some tips for extending battery life on HTC Chacha, I am sure you need this tutorial, so I give a tutorial about how to save battery life on your cellphone here. There are many features which will consume power on your HTC Chacha, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and so on. Now follow […]