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HTC T-Mobile G2 tricks: uninstall apps

The HTC T-Mobile G2 sold in US is an android phone, so you can download free apps and games from android market. You can find the way to download free games and apps to your cellphone here. To save the space on T-Mobile G2, you should uninstall apps that you don’t use any more. -HTC T-Mobile […]

How to reset HTC T-mobile G2

More features your cellphone has, more problems you will meet when you use your phone. As a high-end cellphone, you will encounter many problems when using HTC T-mobile G2, and you can’t solve them all. When there are something wrong with your T-mobile G2, the best way to solve them is to reset your phone. […]

Download android HTC T-mobile G2 user manual

You can find lots of information about HTC T-mobile G2 on line, but you may find that they are all for T-mobile G2 sold in UK. T-mobile G2 sold in US runs android 2.2, it is just released by T-Mobile US. Here you can download the user manual that is released on 8th Oct. I […]

HTC T-Mobile G2 ringtone download

The HTC T-Mobile G2 sold in USA is an android cellphone, so you can download free ringtone from android market, if you don’t like ringtones in android market, you also can download ringtone from T-Mobile. But T-Mobile only provides downloads for T-Mobile G2 sold by T-Mobile USA. If you bought this phone from UK, you […]