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How to copy contacts to HTC 7 Mozart

How to copy contacts to HTC 7 MozartWhen you use your HTC 7 Mozart at the first time, you need to add contacts to your new phone, there is no need to add contacts one by one, you can copy contacts from SIM card to HTC 7 Mozart. It is only a basic work, when you change your phone or change SIM card, you will do it on your mobile phone. If you do not know how to transfer contact or forget the steps, you can follow the steps below. -HTC 7 Mozart info

HTC phones FAQ-How to copy contacts to HTC 7 Mozart:

1. Insert the SIM card, switch on
2. Tap the People tile
3. Tap Import SIM contacts
4. Amend how the contacts are sorted and displayed if required, then tap import SIM contacts
5. Once complete the import SIM button will become greyed out and the date of the last import will be shown below the button.
6. Tap the back arrow at the bottom right hand side of the HTC 7 Mozart.

This work on HTC 7 Mozart is almost the same as other phones, I think you have copied all contacts to your new smartphone.

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Comment from Andre
Time January 31, 2011 at 5:06 pm

But… I have more than 300 contacts in my old Windows Mobile HTC Diamond 2. It does not work … Is there another way ??? Thanks