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How to install .apk file on HTC Desire HD

How to install .apk file on HTC Desire HDYou can install apps from computer to your HTC Desire HD, but I notice that many user don’t know this feautre at all. If there are .apk files on your computer, you can install them to your cellphone. The only thing which you should have is that the HTC Sync should be installed on your computer.-HTC Desire HD info

If you have installed the HTC Sync 3.0 already, be sure the .apk files which you want to install to your HTC Desire HD are safe, or they may damage your cellphone. I advise you to install apps you trust.

HTC phones FAQ-How to install .apk file on HTC Desire HD:

-Press menu while on the Home screen
-Tap Settings
-Tap Applications
-Select the Unknown sources check box.
-On the Device panel, click Overview.
-Click Application installer.
-Browse for the application file on your computer, and then click Open. The installation process starts on your phone.
-Check your phone’s screen to see if there are additional instructions to complete the installation.
-After installation is complete, you can click Disconnect.
-Safely remove your phone as required by your computer’s operating system.

In this way, we not only can install apps from android market, but also can install .apk files from computer to HTC Desire HD.

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