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How to reset HTC EVO Design 4G

How to reset HTC EVO Design 4GThe more features your cellphone has, the more problems you will encounter. When you use your HTC EVO Design 4G, you may encounter persist problem, how to solve it? I think the most convenient way is to perform a hard reset on your cellphone.

After you use your HTC EVO Design 4G for some time, there will be many useless files such as cache on your cellphone, they make your device run slower than before. In this situation, you need to reset your cellphone.

-From the Home screen, press the Menu key.
-Tap Settings.
-Tap SD & phone storage.
-Tap Factory data reset.
-Verify that Erase SD card is NOT checked, unless you wish to delete this data as well.
-Tap Reset phone.
-Tap Erase everything.

As all data stored on HTC EVO Design 4G will be deleted, you’d better back up useful information before you reset your cellphone.

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