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How to set music as text message tone on HTC Wildfire

How to set music as text message tone on HTC WildfireYou can find the way to set music as ringtone on HTC Wildfire here, now I will give a trick about how to set music as text message tone on your cellphone. If you have favorite music and want to set them as text message tone, you must transfer files to your SD Card in your HTC Wildfire first, then do the following steps.-HTC Wildfire info

HTC phones FAQ-How to set music as text message tone on HTC Wildfire:

-Connect your device to your PC via the Data Cable.
-On your device, drag down the Notification bar to open it and then touch the USB Icon: Select to change USB connection type.
-Select Disk Drive and touch done.
-On your PC, go to My Computer and your device will be listed as a removable disk drive.
-Open the disk drive by double clicking on it.
-Once open, you should see the contents of your SD Card.
-If you do not have a folder named Notifications, right Click and create one.
-Once you have created the Notifications folder, open it and drag and drop the files you want to be available for custom alerts into the folder.
-Once you are done, disconnect from your PC and you files will be available for selection under the Sounds & Display on your device.

Do the following steps, you can set music as text message tone on HTC Wildfire, hope you like my work.

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