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How to set song as ringtone on HTC Hero

How to set music as ringtone on HTC HeroEvery one has his own favorite songs, would not it be great to set song as ringtone on our HTC Hero? Actually, we can set our favorite MP3 as ringtone. The most important thing is you should store the music in your memory card, I just gave the trick about how to transfer ringtone to memory card on HTC Hero. All music stored in your cellphone can be set as ringtone, it is one of the best ways to get free ringtone for our phone. -HTC Hero info

HTC phones FAQ-How to set music as ringtone on HTC Hero:

-From the Music library, navigate to the song that you want to use as ringtone.
-Touch and hold the song
-Touch Use as phone ringtone on the menu. The song is set as your default incoming call ring tone.
-From the Home screen, press MENU
-Press Settings.
-Press Personalize
-Press Default ringtone.
-Press the ringtone you want to use.
-Tap OK.

You have set songs as ringtones on HTC Hero. As me, I like this feature very much, it personalizes my phone, and it makes me own the most popular ringtone all the time.

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