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HTC Desire tricks: install .apk files

How to install .apk files to HTC DesireAlthough we can find many useful apps on HTC Desire from android market, most of them are not free. Different users have different requirements, if you have some cool apps are .apk files on your computer, you can install .apk files to HTC Desire. You must have the HTC Sync installed before, I just supplied the newest Sync version 3.0.5422 quick download link here. If you have not downloaded HTC Sync for your phone, you can download it right now. We don’t recommend you install applications except you trust them.-HTC Desire info

HTC phones FAQ-How to install .apk files to HTC Desire:

-From the Home screen, press MENU
-Tap Settings
-Tap Applications,
-Tap select the Unknown sources check box to allow applications from your computer to be installed to your phone.
-Do one of the following:
1.Connect your phone to the computer with the supplied USB cable.
2.If your phone is already connected to the computer, press and hold the status bar and drag your finger down to open the Notifications panel. Then tap the status that shows “Select to change USB connection type”.
-On the Connect to PC screen on your phone, tap HTC Sync and then tap Done.
-On your computer, make sure the HTC Sync icon at the bottom-right side of the screen appears in green. This means that your phone is connected to HTC Sync.
-Double-click the green HTC Sync icon.
-In HTC Sync, click Application Installer.
-In the Application Installer file types dialog box, make sure that the Android OS installer file (apk) check box is selected and then click OK.
-Click Next.
-Click Browse, locate the application (.apk) on your computer, and then click Open.
-Click Next.
-Click Finish.
-Check your phone’s screen to see if there are additional instructions to complete the installation.

If you are the first time to install .apk files to HTC Desire, you must do step by step. It is will be simpler to do this work next time.

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