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HTC Inspire tips: how to transfer music

HTC Inspire tips how to transfer musicThe HTC Inspire is a 4G cellphone, once you install HTC Sync on your computer, you can transfer files between computer and your device. Today I will give you tips about how to transfer music to your HTC Inspire.  -HTC Inspire 4G info

There are several ways to transfer mp3 from computer to HTC Inspire, for example, you can use an SD Card Adaptor to connect your card directly to your PC and drag and drop the files onto the card. This way is quite easy. Another way, you can connect the HTC Inspire to your computer in Disk Drive mode and drag and drop the files from your PC to your Storage card. -HTC phones FAQ

In this way, you can transfer mp3 to HTC Inspire, if you find interesting ringtone, you can also transfer ringtone in the same way.

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