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HTC Rhyme tricks: transfer music

HTC Rhyme tricks transfer musicThe user manual and driver are very important for HTC Rhyme, as a new user, I think you will need help to learn tricks. Today I will give a trick about how to transfer music files from computer to your cellphone. There are several ways to get popular music, we can download music from the web on HTC Rhyme directly, but you must spend extra fee for this feature.

Transferring mp3 files from computer to HTC Rhyme is free, I often use this method to get popular music. Once we transfer music to our cellphones, we can not only listen to music on the go, but also set them as ringtones. If you are the first time to do this work on your device, do the following steps.

1. Connect your phone to your computer using the supplied USB cable.
2. On your phone’s Connect to PC screen, tap Disk drive, and then tap Done. On your computer, the connected phone is recognized as a removable disk.
3. Navigate to the removable disk and open it.
4. Copy the files from the computer to the phone’s storage card’s root folder.
5. After copying the files, unmount the removable disk as required by your computer’s operating system to safely remove your phone.

When you finish transferring music from computer to HTC Rhyme, disconnect your cellphone from the computer, you can enjoy music on your cellphone now!

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