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HTC Thunderbolt tricks: transfer music

How to transfer mp3 to HTC ThunderboltNow you can transfer music from computer to all HTC phones, so do HTC Thunderbolt. To enjoy the popular music, you often need to download music to your cellphone. Once you installed HTC Sync on your computer, you can connect your HTC Thunderbolt to computer by using USB cable. If you don’t know how to transfer mp3 to your phone, follow the trick below.-HTC Thunderbolt 4G info

 HTC phones FAQ-How to transfer mp3 to HTC Thunderbolt 4G:

-Connect your HTC Thunderbolt to your computer using the supplied USB cable.
-On your phone’s Connect to PC screen, tap Disk drive, and then tap Done. On your computer, the connected phone is recognized as a removable disk.
-Navigate to the removable disk and open it.
-Copy the files from the computer to the phone’s storage card’s root folder.
-After copying the files, unmount the removable disk as required by your computer’s operating system to safely remove your phone.
-Disconnect the HTC Thunderbolt from the computer.

By this means, you also can transfer ringtone and other files such as pictures from computer to HTC Thunderbolt 4G easily.

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