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HTC Trophy software update install guide

HTC Trophy software update install guideThe HTC Trophy gets the software update, you need to install this update for your cellphone, here is the install guide which teaches you how to update the software on HTC Trophy. -HTC 7 Trophy info

You will find this update in Zune software, so before you update HTC Trophy, make sure that you already have the latest version of Zune on your computer, if not, you need to download and install the newest Zune software on the official website. When the lastest Zune is installed, connect your HTC Trophy to computer by using USB cable.

Once your HTC Trophy is connected, click Start followed by Skip, Zune will now check for updates, if an update is available a prompt will appear on screen asking you to click Update, followed by Update Now. The update process will begin, once the update is complete you will see Successful Update on the screen, all you need to do now is click Finish.-HTC phones update info

It is very simple to update the software, just do the steps above on HTC Trophy, you will have more features on your cellphone.

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