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How to hard reset HTC Desire SV by buttons

New HTC Desire SV comes with brilliant 4.3-inch screen Large display with 480 x 480 high resolution screen, the Dual-SIM feature Makes it easy to switch between work and play instantly. What’s more, it has an 8 megapixel camera with auto focus, it is easy to capture pictures and record videos. The more features HTC […]

HTC One X recovery tutorial

As we know, HTC often releases OTA update to its products, all of us can receive the update over the air. But I noticed that more and more users rooted their devices once they got HTC One X, when an OTA update is available, they can not receive the update on their rooted device. At […]

How to reset HTC EVO Design 4G

The more features your cellphone has, the more problems you will encounter. When you use your HTC EVO Design 4G, you may encounter persist problem, how to solve it? I think the most convenient way is to perform a hard reset on your cellphone. After you use your HTC EVO Design 4G for some time, […]

How to reset HTC Sensation XL

Are your HTC Sensation XL slower than before? To solve this problem, you need to clear cache on your cellphone. There are many useless files which take up lots of space after you use your device for some time. To make your HTC Sensation XL run as quickly as before, you need to reset your cellphone. […]